PuniTy – PT Hallway Recreation

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You can download the PC, MAC, and Linux builds here. Dropbox didn’t appreciate the traffic

Here’s an alternate link on itch.

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I started this project for a 3D modelling workshop I’m planning to teach in September. The workshop will focus on teaching the fundamentals of modelling, texturing, animation, and materials, and applying these skills by creating a 3D scene. Originally I wanted to create an apartment scene for its simplicity, variety, and familiarity, but I wanted something more game-focused as the workshop is being targetted at the Calgary Game Developers. I ended up choosing the PT hallway as it’s an interior scene fairly close to an apartment, and the simplicity, variety, and familiarity still exist. Plus it’s no longer available to download, but I can make it live on in some fashion by doing this.


To start, I took many reference pictures of the PT hallway. PS4 lets you either upload your screenshots to a twitter/facebook/something-else account, or transfer them to a USB key. Since my USB wasn’t in the proper format I created a secondary twitter account and posted all the screenshots I took.

However, all the twitter pictures by default are shrunken in size, so to get the original 1080p versions I found the link to the picture (in chrome, use F12 to view source, click the magnifying glass on the top left, then click a picture in twitter) and appended “:orig” to the end to retrieve the full resolution image. It’s a bit more involved than copying it all to a USB, but it worked out fine, plus you can see all the pictures for yourself!


The hallway was fairly simple to model, with a few exceptions. The most challenging models were the phone and one of the lamps:

Oddly, I had an easier time modelling the woman (Lisa) compared to these.

For the phone, the wound-up cord was what stumped me and I couldn’t figure out how to make it at first. I tried googling ways to extrude a shape over a curve as that’s what I had in mind, but ended up finding the screw modifier:

Just what I needed! I then used blender’s wonderful proportional editing to add variety to the cord.

For the lamp, I had a hard time figuring out how to make the twirl in the middle section since the twirl’s edges change shape as it winds up the body. But after finding discovering screw modifier I used it again to make the basic shape, cut in some edge loops, then used proportional editing near the top of the loop to create the gradual spiral shape:

It’s not a perfect recreation, but it’s fairly close.


Texturing was fairly straight forward. For the photos in the picture frames I captured them directly from PT with PS4’s awesome share functionality, otherwise I got everything else from cgtextures.com and a few from mayang.com. I created the specular maps by desaturating the original textures and playing with their brightness/contrast. For normal maps I used Photoshop’s NVIDIA plugin, which gets the job done but could be better, especially with its 3D preview. A friend has been bugging me about using Crazybump or Quixel instead, so I just need to buckle down and spend the time to learn them.

Here’s some textures and their relative maps:


There are 4 objects that are animated through blender: the chandelier, banging door, cockroaches, and the woman (Lisa). Both the chandelier and banging door were straightforward to make.

For the cockroaches I made the base of each leg their pivot point and parented all of them to the body, and simply rotated them quickly over time to create a skitter animation. No need for rigging! For moving them, I created an arcing movement path in blender, and applied root motion (which is amazing) in unity. For more variety, I added a script to their animation to randomly pause for an amount of time before continuing, giving the impression that they skitter more like bugs down the wall.





I despise starting a human model from scratch, especially when it needs good topology to animate well. I had previously grabbed a female model off of cgcookie.com  which came with a great topologized mesh, so I used that as my starting point. I then proportioned the body to be closer to Lisa’s, using any blurry reference I could find off of google. Next was clothing her, then adding some rush-modelled hair, and rigging her with Blender’s Rigify add-on (inverse kinematics without any setup, yessssssssss!):

For texturing her, I used some fabric and bloodstain images and placed as much variety as I could throughout her clothes, and I also did some basic texture painting in Blender for things like adding dirt and subtle shadows to her dress. She’s rocking a 2048 x 2048 texture, which I should have bumped up to 4096 x 4096 after learning Dark Souls 2 did the same for its character models.

Here’s the final model:

…and uh…here’s an unused “walking” animation:


I was planning on using it when they player first sees her, but instead went with the uncanny standing pose to match PT gameplay more.

Assembling props in Unity

This was a fairly straight forward process. One thing I should not have done was use tiled walls, floors, and ceilings, which I explain in the Hiccups section below.

At first I only put collision on things the player would touch, but ended up placing collision on smaller objects as well to make the camera’s depth-of-field effect more accurate. Since it’s an effect that relies on raycasting to objects infront of the camera, then not putting any collision on, say, the hanging chandelier means I could be looking right at it, but it would be blurry as the raycast has nothing to hit and the camera would be focusing on the wall behind it.


I found that using mostly direct lighting and very little indirect lighting worked best to match the lighting of PT. The hallway lights both use point lights, while the chandelier’s light is a wide-angled spotlight. I also attached the spotlight to the chandelier so the light swings along with it.


This was my first serious go at using Unity’s audio system. I’ve used it briefly in the past for game jams, but this was much more substantial.

Most of the sounds I captured directly from PT. Using the PS4’s share button (which is amazing) I uploaded recorded sessions to a youtube account, downloaded the mp4, stripped off the audio in VLC, then refined it as much as I could in Audacity (yeesh!). I tried to capture the original sound effects as cleanly as I could. For example, for capturing footstep and floorboard-creaking sounds, I made sure to walk in the beginning of the hallway where it’s quietest to reduce background noise.

For other sounds effects, such as lights snapping off and the droning background music, I used freesound.org. It’s a great site of mostly-ok sounds, but considering they’re all free I shouldn’t complain.


At first it wasn’t my intention to add actual gameplay from PT. I started with simply a hallway to walk through allowing players to look at all the models, as that’s all I needed for the workshop. But the hallway felt too quiet to walk through, so I thought of adding some sound as well. And so the obsession began, since as soon as I added sound I figured it would be easy to add a flashlight and zoom feature. And a quick door-banging animation. And hey, I bet it wouldn’t be so hard to model some cockroaches…. So the project quickly morphed from showing off a 3D modelling scene into a mini game experience.

I refrained from letting the player enter the far door and loop the hallway over again like in PT. Instead I chose to keep (most) of my sanity and keep it as simple as possible. I ended up using mostly sound to direct the player back and forth in the hallway, changing things when they are out of view. This is all achieved by trigger volumes, an extremely common design tactic involving invisible boxes that as the player passes through, certain things are “triggered”. There are about 10 volumes in total in the hallway, and touching one activates whatever effect I want, such as a banging door, a light turning off, or changing the fog color, as well as activating the next trigger volume in the chain.

Camera filters

I’m using lots of camera filters to achieve as close a look to PT as possible. Here they are being added one at a time:

and here’s a comparison of unfiltered vs. filtered:


I was able to get some playtesting done while attending K-days with a group of friends in Edmonton. We were invited down by the GDX group to showcase our personal games we were developing, so I swapped between showing the PT hallway and The Outline. It was really satisfying to hear people say “hey, that’s PT!” as they walked by, which was more confirmation that I did a good job. Plus, the game was scary enough to cause two teens to run away screaming, one of them tripping over the chair they sat in. Easily the highlight of the playtest.


Surprisingly, development went fairly smoothly, probably thanks to the simplicity of the scene. But as mentioned previously I’m using tiled walls, ceilings, and floors which turned out to be a bad idea for multiple reasons.

For one, it became harder to model the hallway to the correct proportions since I was constrained to using 1m x 1m tiles. To work around this I had to stretch or shrink some of the tiles in the scene, which then lead to the textures of these pieces shrinking or stretching. Thankfully the texture for the walls and ceiling isn’t too detailed, so the stretching isn’t too noticeable. Resizing some of the tiles also lead to spending more time placing tiles next to each other accurately (ie. snapping tiles). This wasn’t so bad for tiles that were 0.5x the size of the original, but there are some that are 0.3785x, such as under the windows. So there was some time lost doing these trivial things. What I should have used instead was something like ProBuilder, which lets you build level geometry by placing resizable polygons that are automatically UV unwrapped and tiled. I remember using a similar tool in Valve’s hammer editor, and it is fantastic. I’ll definitely be using that for future projects.

The second problem I had was with decals, which are transparent textured planes used to add detail to environment surfaces. To add more detail to the walls and ceilings I placed decals of cracks and dirt, and it looks great from such a simple solution. But when Unity calculates its lighting, for some reason it can’t fully detect that the decals are mostly transparent, which led to lighting artifacts for tiles that were covered by too many decal planes:

So to fix this I simply either removed or resized the decals that covered too much space. I’m convinced that if I didn’t have tiles this problem wouldn’t happen. Yet another headache caused by tiling!!

In summary

104 hours over 4 weeks. 5 hours of sleep on half those days. 8-hour obsession-infused modelling sessions. Thinking of what I wanted to implement while dishwashing at my job.

This was a blast.


  1. This is amazing great job. This would bring alot to the VR community if you enabled VR support with it, should be pretty simple since the project is already done probably just a few scaling adjustments… Also if you don’t mind sending me the unity project I have a DK2 and would love to help make this a VR demo that could make you blow up on Reddit lol!

  2. Very cool! Nice work.

    I love getting obsessed with something creative. Such a rewarding experience to finish it.

  3. Inspiring. I have reached a point in my life where i am no longer fulfilled by just playing games and would love to create them as well. Life always gets in the way, but you my friend are juggling your work and still find time for your passion. Like I said, Inspiring.

  4. For as insanely detailed as the actual PT was, I’m very impressed. I felt this way when recreating the entire Raccoon City Police Department in Minecraft. (Sadly the data got corrupted so I guess Leon and Claire actually escaped ;C )
    I will give you some slight constructive criticism on the actual Lisa model, though. Her face looks kind of goofy. I don’t blame you for not being able to get too clear of an idea (after all it was hard to catch a glimpse of her, so I understand)but I think it might be the hair. ‘In game’ it doesn’t look too terrible, but I’m just noting it. I’m impressed. And honestly I wish I could work with you. (I only have ideas, I just need someone who can teach me stuff like this and coding and I’ll be golden)

  5. Amazing job, you are the proof that gamers will do ANYTHING to get back what we love even if its never released. Hope that you could share more for developers to upgrade the minigame. And my friend you have my respects.

  6. Wow man, and you’re still washing dishes for a living?

    You need to move on to bigger and better things. You have the skill.

  7. You are awesome.Thanks!

  8. I would love to know how you got the exact layout of the level. I’ve been looking at recreating this game in Unreal 4 but cant wrap my head around the size of the hallways.

    • It’s been done, FYI.

      • While this is a beautiful reproduction, in many ways superior visually. It is NOT (as yet) a playable experience. Also, the final scene is a cap from the original and has not been reproduced in unreal 4.

        Lets hope whoever is responsible for it ultimately completes a faithful reproduction as a ‘playable’ experience or… P.T – P.E on PC?

      • FYI, you can’t play PT on Unreal 4 engine – it’s just graphic demo. So, FYI, it doesn’t counts. Here is something playable. FYI.

      • But its not Playable tho :p

      • i tied finding this and apparently he lost the project so it is no longer available.

      • Man, thank you very much. I’ve organised a Rift party this Friday and 3 of us are massive PT fans. Cannot wait! Chucked a small donation your way too 🙂

    • I took reference photos from the actual PT, then just tried to match it as close as possible with similar views in Unity. It’s still not perfect, but I’m satisfied for such a short timeframe.

  9. Not bad. Not bad at all!

  10. Man this looks amazing! I really hope you can find work in the games industry! I saw you were featured on Kotaku btw! But you already probably know this! GG!

  11. This is so cool! I don’t own a PS4 but always wanted to try P.T. – this recreation was amazing! Even better actually, since I didn’t know what things you implemented. I actually got scared.

    Maybe you can hand this project over to someone willing to recreate the complete game script, if you don’t feel like it?

    I think it would be amazing to have P.T. completely recreated and archived in Unity. Great work!

  12. Kojima(justkidding)

    Awesome work in such small amount of time!!!

  13. This was a stellar job! Seriously, this is really impressive work, well done!
    Even if it’s short, it’s a fantastic experiment/recreation, perfectly well done. All the details are here, etc.

    I applaud your work!

  14. Fantastic work sir!! The guys here at the design department are raving over this…

    Most Oculus Rift DK2 demos are built with Unity… how hard would it be to make this work in an Oculus environment? (Mac)

  15. Please please please expand upon this! I’d love to see that animated Lisa worked into a “loop” and maybe see the bathroom! This is incredible work and I’d happily donate again!

  16. great work, lot of thanks to you.
    Now, i can play the P.T. for the first time! On 32-bit OS!! (i don’t have ps4 lol)

  17. Good job! Really nice to see someone recreating this. Hope to see projects like this from you in the future.

  18. great work, big thanks to you.
    Now i can play p.t. for the first time! On 32-bit!! (i don’t have ps4 lol)

  19. Awesome work, I played the original in the PS4 and then this great project, it’s a great way for pc’s gamers to play this game after konami just killed the game.

  20. This is awesome. As a person who missed out on a chance to keep this demo before PSN took it down, I appreciate it. Any chance that you will make the full demo? Also, I have an Oculus Rift DK2 if you’d like to make it compatible…

  21. Hello!!! Your project – fantastic !!! I hope you complete it to the full version of P.T.
    With respect from the Silent Hill fan of Russia

  22. Link broken, could you please uploaded again in another server?

  23. Wow man this is incredible you have talent

  24. Thanks for sharing this. PT is inspirational and to see it in Unity is a dream. thanks for also sharing your workflow xx

  25. That unused animation is awesome and creepy, please use it!

  26. Thanks everyone for the feedback!

    I am adding rift support and will hopefully finish in the coming weeks.

    Other than this I don’t plan on expanding further. I’ve neglected my own game too long and I’d like to return to it.

  27. Cristian Zuñiga

    You are the F**ing king!! This is a Great GREAT JOB… Or, i mean, Love of Video games… Thanks for sharing this!

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    Very bosta, very lixo,

  29. Dude mega kudos to you for bringing this PT to PC’s……..totally awesome bro….:3

  30. Hey man, nice work. I made a 4k video of your demo, hope you don’t mind. I linked your work and gave you credit in the notes.

  31. Can’t i use Right Analog Stick to control the camera?

    • No, the controller support in the game wasn’t intentional and is just something that’s there by default in Unity (which I should have disabled but forgot to). I might add full controller support in the future.

  32. Man, you’re crazy (in a good way of course). Great job!

  33. Amazing work! Very close recreation in such a short space of time. I think your work would benefit greatly from using Zbrush or similar sculpting tools to create detailed normal maps. If you ever think about going further with this project I would be interested in doing some work on it as well!

  34. It’s just unreal job. Many thanks to the developer, you are super cool. Sorri for my broken English.

  35. This is nice but if you are teaching with this there is so much wrong with it. Starting with the door size, scale of some models, head bob is clunky. This is nice but it needs a whole lot more tweaking before it even gets close to the quality. Also you might want to clarify in your post what pictures are from the actual version vs yours.

    • Hey Jacob. Yeah you’re right, the scaling of some objects is off as I didn’t have the actual measurements of the objects, just the PT game that I had to eyeball everything by. I’ll definitely make that more clear, thanks for the feedback!

  36. Hey Farhan, first of all, great work. I’m also working on a project in Unity and your amazing recreation has given me the motivation to continue it.

    Anyway, after the banging door, I noticed the player got a shadow. It looked like Lisa complete with the jerky animation you posted. Was that intentional? I haven’t played the original and you said you hadn’t used that anim.

  37. I don’t know if you’ll be able to read this, but a Silent Hill-oriented podcast called “The Grate Debate” noticed that the rooms spiral downwards.. Which makes sense from a programming perspective.

    The game probably loads the corridor in every time you’re about to enter the next level and stitches them up, once the door closes it unloads the previous corridor so there is no possabilty for some visual artefacts.

    • Woah, that’s a really smart observation!! Thanks for posting that.

    • Great work Farhan. I think a lot of people would like to see this go a little bit further, and I’m sure many are willing and have the skills to help if you don’t have the time. I’d love to see the looping and a better model of Lisa. Other than that, you did a wonderful job!

      • Thanks very much! I don’t plan on expanding the game at this point as I have other personal projects I need to work on but I’m most likely going to release the source code (unity project) at some point in the close-ish future.

  38. This would be more excellent if it could be converted to run on the galaxy gear vr / oculus.

  39. Good job, it’s realy awesome!

  40. Hi Farhan Qureshi,

    really great job. However, seems the linux version has a bug. If you press any key for movement, it simply don’t stop walking. For example if you press ‘w’ your character simply moves forward constantly. I tested both, x32 and x64 on Manjaro Linux. I assume you developed it on Windows. Is it a bug in Unity itself?

    • Yeah, it seems multiple people are getting this. I did develop on Windows, and I don’t have Linux myself. The hope was that just building it for Linux would be sufficient, but I should have known better. I might spend some time trying to figure out why that happens.

      • The easiest way is to set up SDL2 to handle input events. This makes Linux controls WAY easier to set up, and takes out a lot of the hassle in the long run. On a side note, you may want to consider adding in a way to disable some of those filters, for people with lower end PC’s.

        • Nice, thank you.

          • No problem. :3 Also, SDL2 makes things like window creation and Joystick handling much more flexible. Support for more than just a 360 gamepad, advanced window control, etc.

            Anyways, nice job with the art assets, design, etc.

            Gorgeous work.

  41. Very great work. I appreciate that.

    Enjoy 🙂

  42. Your game is awesome! Thank you for sharing it!

  43. Went ahead and did 1 more video in 6k that shows the rest of the content (I didn’t know the woman was in the demo).


    It’s still encoding so it says 1080p at the moment.

    • Wow, what are your PC specs?

      • i7 3930k, 16GB DDR3 1600, Dual Titan-X 12GB cards in SLI (plus a GTX980 for PhysX but I’m waiting to see how DirectX12 can use that). I run games from a RAID 0 SSD array, and my monitor is an Acer 4k IPS panel. I play beyond 4k by enabling Nvidia DSR (Dynamic Super Resolution) which allows you to increase your resolution up to 2x the pixel count the panel actually supports. Obviously the screen doesn’t “gain pixels”, but it does sharped things up a bit, and allows me to produce videos at higher resolutions than 4k.

      • Is your Workshop will be online ?
        if it is how to register for it ?

  44. thanks working well on my core i5 and really appreciate your work.with your work konami sees that we love silent hills and maybe they release it on pc too.

  45. Thanks for your hard work, a bunch of people like me didn’t have pt installed when Konami had it removed from PSN. It would be cool if you made the game open source so that the entire community can build upon what you did.

    It would keep Konami from pointing any legal fingers at you specifically and keep the project from being destroyed by any legal action. Konami wouldn’t be able to stop an entire community from finishing a game they decided to cancel.

    Under the premise of being open source and educational material. Konami would only be able to idly standby while devs from all around the world build upon what you have righteously help preserve.

  46. I say The hell with KONAMI . make the silent hills yourself bro !

  47. Hey, I think you should make your own horror game 🙂 This is badass.

  48. Awesome work !!!

  49. Please give me Punity

  50. OMG! This is amazing! Now I want to play it with Oculus

  51. hello . FARHAN QURESHI are you iranian?

    • I’m half iranian and half pakistani…and born in the UK and raised in Canada. I’m a hodgepodge of things!

  52. This is wonderful… Thanks for this, I don’t have a PS4 so I missed out on P.T. and you gave me a little taste and for that I’m forever grateful.

    Any chance of you giving out the unity file to the community to see if they can help you add more to this? Would be really great if not only P.T. could be matched but more added on to it to expand the story. In any case, thanks again.

    • Right now it’s still close to my heart, but perhaps in the future. Given that I spent 104 hours to get this far it won’t take much for fans to recreate it (and probably better).

  53. Nice job! The lighting is spot on! How many lights total did you use? Also, what did you use to get reflections on the floor?

    This is super quality, thanks for sharing!

    • Hey Michael. There’s 4 lights total (not including your flashlight), which are 3 point lights and one spot light for the chandelier. The floor uses a reflection probe with box mapping enabled. It’s also using a custom shader I made in ShaderForge (which is AWESOME) such that it uses the fresnel value to determine smoothness.

  54. I just loved this game mate. Fantastic effort all round. I made it a feature on my YouTube channel to spur on support for you, I hope that you do not mind. Its just that I cannot believe you managed to pull this off the way you did.

    Im gob-smacked mate!

    Heres what I did:

    Thanks again and if theres anything I can do to help, just give me a shout. Its people like you that do us proud 🙂

    BTW, I love the other project your working on too. Fantastic ideas and very fluid in the way you teach and play at the same time. Love it 😀

  55. You rarely see work of this quality done just by love and given away for free. If I worked for the industry I would be losing my shit to contact you with for a job interview.

    Very well done. Perfection.

  56. Once Oculus support is included, how hard would it be to port to Android with Google Cardboard support? I assume that walking forward is the only real control needed in the game, using head turning for turning and the button for forward movement should be possible. Would love to experience this on Google Cardboard (can’t afford Oculus Dev Kit). Great work either way. Thanks.

    • Potentially a lot of work considering lower-end PCs have a hard time running the game so I would need to optimize the game quite a bit for phones. It’s not something I’m going to be working on.

  57. Thank’s you for your work ! I used google cardboard its look’s like great !

    So please continue your developpement for this game, there are a lot of difference between the real demo of P.T. and yours. But this is a good start !

    And if you need help for design, I’m graphic webdesigner. I’m able to help you to produce some flat textures.

    The fan community of P.T. thank’s you !

  58. Friend, can you share the resources or assets i have some ideas to add it for get a better visual looking as decals and things like that.

  59. this is a fantastic piece of work 🙂 well done! there’s just one question. forgive me if i sound rude for asking, but is it just the single hallway (no looping, or voice on the radio radio, or creepy fetus in the sink/bathroom etc.) or is it just me thats not getting the other features in the game? Once again, an excellent piece of work, and i dont mean to sound unappreciative.

    • Hey Jack. Yeah it’s just the one looping hallway, no radioman, bathroom, or fetus 🙁

      • Thank you for replying, and that’s fine 🙂 it was nice to have a chance to play a demo of a demo, if you will, since I never got round to playing P.T. The fetus gave me nightmares, so in a way im glad its not included 😉

  60. I think this has already been said, but should there be any voices like the radioman, or any other rooms/looping, or is it just the one hallway

  61. You sir….. I can’t even express my excitement. This has so much potential. I am so happy you have done this, but I hope the full masterpiece will be put together at some point (radio man, bathroom, looping hallways, etc.). Most of us do not own a PS4, so it was impossible for us to play. You have allowed us to dip are toes into the pool, but you haven’t allowed us to dive in just yet. Just an amazing job man and I hope for the best for you and this game. Spectacular.

  62. Yessssssssssss!)This is amazing! Thank you very much!) You’re a genius! You made ​​me happy!

  63. Congrats for the amazing job. Really loved the experience as i haven’t played PT on PS4, and one of the best looking unity things i’ve seen.

    I have one question if you have a few seconds to spare : Why do you go with tiling when it comes to level building ? Why not just model the whole thing with Blender ? Is it because of uv mapping and texture sizes ?

    • Hey schouffy. Yeah part of it is UV mapping, which I find tricky to get consistent if I’m using arbitrarily sized planes as my walls / floor / ceiling. Another is making changes to the environment in unity will break the continuity of the model in blender, so if I change part of the map in unity then it won’t get updated if I used blender afterwards to fix something, so then I have to revert to prefab or something and it’s tedious. So I like to do as much “building” as I can in Unity and leave Blender for making the individual pieces.

      • Ok got it, thanks for answering.
        And now that you think tiling wasn’t such a good idea, what would you go to for the next project ?

        • Sooo i hope you’re still thinking about what to answer :p
          BTW, i have another question after trying to do something similar. How did you handle the floor with these nice reflections ? Probes or shader, or something else ? Is it realtime or baked ?
          I hope someday you’ll post the whole unity project somewhere so we can take inspiration from it !

          • Hey, sorry I didn’t see the previous comment. So instead of tiling I’m now using ProBuilder from the ProCore set: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Kjqx6cKUepc. It’s faster, easier, and even enjoyable to use since it’s like a minimalistic form of modeling. I highly recommend using that tool, or something like it, instead of using tiles.

            So the floor has a normal map applied which gives it the wavy effect. The reflection is from a baked reflection probe. To get the reflection roughness effect I made a custom shader using ShaderForge (another asset I highly recommend) which uses the fresnel value as the surface’s roughness, so viewing it at grazing angles appears smooth whereas looking straight down will give rough reflections.

            I might share the project files in the future, but for now it’s still too close to me.

          • Thanks for the info, didn’t know about ShaderForge. Will definitely keep an eye on this.

  64. Круто!Что я ещё могу сказать?Cool! What else can I say?

  65. That’s an amazing job. I’m impressed. Are you going to do the full P.T. demo?

  66. Amazing Job with this 😀 I made a video (its on spanish but I really like it) you have a big future keep doing this amazing job!!

    [youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yFyzTvE9qXM&w=560&h=315%5D

  67. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G1IQaCPW4I0
    valve hammer editor, source engine test v2. in work

  68. If i gotten the hallway and the models i could recreate the whole PT experience it’s not really that hard at all

  69. Wait what? Whooooooooo! I love it!

  70. I love you! Please follow this game. AND GREAT JOB!!! I need feel this horror game

  71. Thank you for making this! I don’t have a PS4 and have always wanted to experience this game firsthand. Will you be recreating the entire teaser, or is it already complete? I don’t have the guts to play it right now at midnight lol.

  72. Dude, thank you so much for making this. I’m an aspiring horror game developer, and I use Unity also. I’ve been so unmotivated to work lately because of all of the hate that Unity gets – everyone makes it seem as though you cant make good looking games. You gave me the motivation I needed man. And thank you so much for showing the camera filters and everything. It’s finally time for me to get started on something. Excellent work on this. The controls and walking are so smooth and play exactly like P.T. did. Everything looks amazing!

  73. That is amazing, but can you share your Unity project files so that other people can learn from it?
    I was about to donate something but then I learnt that it is closed source. What a pity.

  74. Where might we find these copies of PT on unity? I did a search but can’t find anything.

  75. Dude this looks awesome. I missed P.T. back when it was available on PSN and when I saw this I got excited. But anyway I was wondering if there is a given spec requirement to play this on PC?

    • Hey Chris. You have to have a directX 11 compatible video card. Not sure about other hardware requirements. My desktop has an i5 2550k, GTX 660 and 8 GB of ram and it runs 60FPS at 1080p, so perhaps that can help you.

  76. man think you for such a huge job but i ask you if you can share your Unity project files so that other people can continue the job . HOWEVER PLEASE MAKE IT WE WILL HELP YOU

  77. WTF:
    i watched the demo in am lets play because i don´t own a ps4
    BUT now i can play it on my pc!


  78. Hey, sorry for being an uneducated tool but I can’t seem to get this game working on my mac. What other programs/system requirements do I need?

  79. Farhan.. U the real MVP.
    where are u from btw?
    *just in case you’re iranian: کارت درسته مشتی

  80. Could anyone please make full remake of the pt game this demo is great but i think this is not very good cause there is no radio man the place was same and we cant open any door please someone make this things.

  81. Appreciate it, bro. Better than watching the youtube videos, even though it’s just the one hallway. At least now I can experience the feeling 😉

  82. Great work. When you release the Oculus Rift version, it would be great and probably easy to implement, to have the fastest quality settings disable the camera filters, for those of us with weak computers but who have an Rift. As a Rift developer working on a horror VR experience, it would be massively educational to see your work in a filter-less quality that will play back smoothly for me. Again, excellent work, and I can’t wait to try the Rift version and also your game. Also add one more vote from me to someday release the source code. Inspiring work, and keep working hard!

  83. Also, I know you don’t want to tweak it further, but I think I know the perfect way to quickly resolve the concern some have over the model’s face: blacken the teeth, and maybe the eyes. The more caved in and NOT visible the orifices are, the creepier they become. The clean white chicklet look to the teeth could be tweaked away in five minutes and would make a big impact. Again, man. Holy crap, excellent work, and you’ve done a great service for this game.

  84. *”chiclet teeth,” not “chicklet teeth.”

  85. Two questions:

    (1) How do you invert mouse look? I cannot play without that. Can I edit a config file or registry entry?

    (2) I changed the key mapping in the launcher, but the game appears hard coded to WASD. I’m left handed, so that’s really uncomfortable for me. Will this be fixed?

  86. Hi. I saw you made that woman in pictures above. but I just didn’t see her. What should I do?

  87. Can i Play IT to the end like on the Ps4?

  88. is there a way to invert the vertical look? Thanks

  89. Hey there,
    very nice game, I cant believe it was made by one guy.
    After playing it I noticed there is motion blur, Why did you add it? I dont remember noticing it in the original game.

  90. WOW! Great Job, this is really impressive. Very inspiring knowing the work you put into this.

  91. OH and for some reason the download isn’t working. It says the Zip is empty or with RAR says something about end of archive… no EXE.

  92. any chance to show the lightmap settings ?

  93. Lord , this work is incredible , good and excellent. I think you should make a new horror game

  94. wow.. this is amazing great job!

  95. The project is still in progress ? So please add something to this speech

  96. Çok korkunç tırstım

  97. I can´t even open the door, I need help :´v

  98. Great job!!! A full tutorial will be apreciated

  99. What’re you planning to add next? are you gonna make it longer?

  100. Serious question! How do you select things? Like to open doors, etc.

  101. Do you think you’ll ever update the game? It’s a great game overall but just having that one room makes it a little short. Do you think you’ll be adding the door leading to the start or anything like that in the future?

  102. HI can you please give me the flashlight script!!??

  103. Awesome game! Just did a let’s playon this game! check it out! https://youtu.be/K9Dd64z5l74

  104. Nice job! But the face of Lisa in P.T. is much paler than the one in this build

  105. i can’t invert the mouse…. that makes me incredibly sad.

  106. Did you post this on gamejolt? If not, someone is taking responsibility for your work.

  107. mitchell zeidler

    Im far to easily scared for this XD It looks great though

  108. This is really cool! I played it for a bit, and it’s a really good version of PC!

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