Gifs Galore, Gadgets, Footstep fetish

Where I am now: The last two weeks I continued work on Act 2, game 1. I aimed to finish as much core gameplay before the end of February, and now I’ll be returning back to working on Act 1 until the end of April.

Before I begin, I would like to emphasize that all graphics are placeholder, which is hopefully obvious by just looking at the screenshots and shuddering from the TOTAL LACK OF GLOBAL ILLUMINATION. Don’t worry, I’ll get there. I’m looking forward to seeing what that’ll look like down the road. But back to the post.

Gadgets. I have more gifs to show this time, and instead of me describing things as accutely as I can I’ll let these wonderful moving pictures (I watched the oscars last week) do the talking. Apologies for the quality of some of them. I wanted to reduce file size as much as possible, so I compressed … Continue reading

Rough Models, Rough Animations, Stitches

Where the game is. The game has three acts, which I briefly described on the About page. I stopped working on act 1 in the beginning of January and have started work on Act 2, and one of the three main games that will be playable (yes, you will be playing a game within a game, which sounds wierd, but I swear it has to do with the story!). I will continue to work on this mystery game (which you’ll probably figure out the more I talk about it) until the end of February, at which point I’ll return to Act 1 and rework that section in preparation for a game exhibition at the end of April.

Rough models. For now, the player is a floating pair of armed arms:


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In the beginning…

…which on this day is exactly three years ago. That’s three years since I started working on The Outline, a small-ish game about the relationship between a child and their mother. The game has gone through many revisions: adding, cutting, refining, more symbolism, less clutter, more focused, less abstract. I’m sure there’s even more to come, but not only has the game been changing; I’ve been changing as well.

On Friday, February 3th 2012, I started planning The Outline after I had a eureka moment. I remember that when the idea hit me I started tearing up as I sat on the toilet, which was preferable as opposed to me running out the bathroom shrieking with my pants down. I knew I had found something special, not only because of what the game could mean in terms of art but that I also had a strong connection to the idea since it was … Continue reading