A Whole New World

Where I am now: I mostly finished re-sizing and re-working the environment, and right now I’m focusing on making new animations for the mother and re-working her AI. GDX is in 2 weeks, so it’s time to crunch.

This will be a fairly short update.

A Whole New World. With resizing mostly done for the buildings and my focus shifting to the terrain, I saw an opportunity to make a new mesa layout that had been sitting in my head for a couple months now. I’m happy I finally modeled it out, and like a freaking madman. This is all still temp art, but it’s closer to what I envision as a final look, and that gets me excited.

For the following shots, the lighting used is a rough vertex-lit version without using any lightmapping or realtime GI. Once I upgrade to unity 5 and implement its GLOBAL ILLUMINATION (I’m excited), I’ll post some more shots with the new lighting. That should be in the next update.

So first, some before and after comparisons of the landscape:


old_1 new_1


old_2 new_2


old_3 new_3


old_4 new_4


The new landscape takes up about 1/4 of the space the older one did, yet because I’ve decreased the player’s speed it feels the same size when I play, and the bonus is everything is (almost) to scale now.

Here’s some close-ups of old and new buildings (I forgot to turn on the lighting in the new version, that’s why it’s so bright):


old_5 new_5






Yuk, that old building is a hulking monstrosity.

Whelp, back to crunching.

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